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Legion is born!

Welcome to Legion
Thank you for your interest in Legion. We are a group of West faction ArcheAge players on Aranzeb. We focus heavily on teamwork, collaboration, and community bonds. You will not fit in if you're afraid to get involved, or like to play solo all the time!

Legion is unique in many ways. Read on to find out if Legion is the right guild for you before you apply.

Legion Politics



The council is the decision making body of the guild. The council makes decisions for everyone including membership invites, policy changes, etc. There is no council leader, all council members are equal in power and the council as a whole should be viewed as the guild leader. Council members should be in good standing with other council members and have a solid understanding of the late game. Some Councillors may be assigned a topic of focus, much like the officers, if needed. There should be at least 1 council member for every 10 guild members. A full guild of 100 should have 11 Councillors.


Officers are the council's policy enforcers, member guides, and guild help. Each officer will be assigned a topic of focus. Everything from organizing events to making sure guild members participate. Each officer may be assigned members and recruits to lead based on interests and council rulings. Officers shoulder be strong, reliable players. Recommendations from officers to the council should be taken very seriously as these ranks are considered equal. While council makes decisions, officers are the enforcers and report to council. Being an officer should not be considered as "almost a councillor", being an officer is a matter of preference and is just as much leadership as a councillor is. Officers may collaborate privately on Disqus or in the forums. There should be 1 to 2 officers for every council member. But the number may vary based on needs. Officer's are eligible for any rank.


A member is a loyal follower of the council and is always ready to do what it takes to accomplish whatever they may be interested in. Each member may be assigned a recruit to help and mentor and is expected to befriend them. While most recruits should find close friends naturally, council or officers may take steps to ensure no one is being left behind or ignored. There is no limit to how many members are permitted. Members are eligible for any rank.


This is the most important rank in Legion! New members are the lifeblood of ArcheAge and all guilds. A recruit's duty is to find what they love doing in the game and to become close with other members of Legion through Discord, the forums, and in game. Each recruit will be evaluated by an officer and council on a regular basis. All recruits must have a member and officer they can confide in and work with. Recruits will be made members based on how well they integrate with other members through all provided channels of communication. Recruits are not eligible for any other ranks but member. But once they become a member, all ranks are available based on council rulings.


  1. It's important that everyone is connected using the decided social media. At the moment that's Discord and this website. Collaboration and brotherhood/sisterhood among members is absolutely critical. Recruits that cannot/will not do this will not be considered for advancement and will eventually be kicked.
  2. Loyalty to Legion is also critical. Loyalty is created through our bonds. That is why rule #1 is so important. Recruits that are interested in a guild just to be in a guild and farm prestige will not be considered.
  3. Trash talking will not be permitted among guild members.
  4. Legion comes first. You are expected to back your comrades up!